A.R. and Single-Size Blocking Plugs

A.R. and Single-Size Blocking Plugs

Developed to block flow in pipelines or for testing, LANSAS® AR PLUGS, 1-1/4” thru 6” feature a zinc plated chain and ring. The entire range of these plugs through 24” have test pressure ratings of as much as 15 PSI with air or water.

Our (SSB) SINGLE-SIZE BLOCKING PLUGS offered in 8,” 10” and 12” sizes with a newly formulated blend of natural rubber along with the AR PLUGS are the toughest and most dependable single-size plugs available. The SSB, like the SST comes with a removable 3/8” eye bolt and a removable 1/4” (M) NPT tire inflation valve.

AR and single-size blocking plugs

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