Double Bladder Low Pressure Joint Testers

Double Bladder Low Pressure Joint Testers

THE LANSAS® DOUBLE BLADDER (DB) LOW PRESSURE JOINT TESTERS design provides up to 9 inches of expansion on the bladders allowing for easier insertion into pipe, easier maneuvering and placement of the joint tester at each joint, as well as allowing for testing in a range of pipe types and deflected (up to 7.5%) fiberglass and plastic pipes.

• Fabric reinforced bladder for longer lasting durability. • Tests with air or water.
• Tests up to 20 PSI.
• Replacement bladders are field replaceable.

• Heavy duty adjustable wheels for smooth transitions between joints.
• Large testing void allows for testing the porosity of the pipe prior to the actual joint test.

double bladder low pressure joint testers

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