High Pressure Test Plugs

High Pressure Test Plugs


are designed to seal the host pipe to pressures up to 150 PSI.* These pipe plugs are equipped with a centered bypass pipe for inducing your test medium into the pipe. Larger sizes also include a second bypass for bleeding air out of the section being tested and monitoring the test pressure.

The plug bladder, which is reinforced with multiple layers of polyester cord, is bonded to the inner metal mandrel. When this plug is inflated the ends roll up away
from the mandrel. This allows the bladder to make contact with the pipe walls without applying unnecessary stress on the bladder.

These plugs are excellent for use in water mains, force mains or industrial lines. As with all Lansas® products, the high pressure test plugs can be custom manufactured to meet the requirements of your job.

high pressure test plugs

high pressure test plugs 2

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