Manhole Vacuum Testing Equipment

Manhole Vacuum Testing Equipment

THE LANSAS® SMART-BOX VACUUM KIT is a complete package designed with everything needed to complete your manhole vacuum testing except the air compressor.


• (2)050-812–8”x12”Plugs
• (2) 321-20 – 20’ Inflation Kits w/Gauge
• 110-38 – 38” Flat Plate Test Head
• 123-05 SUPER-VACTM (Venturi) Vac Generator • Durable Storage Case

THE LANSAS® SUPER-VACTM is a lower cost alternative for manhole vacuum testing. The new Super-VacTM will pull over 40 CFM @ 10″ Hg of vacuum. The Super-VacTM will deliver more than 50% more volume than others on the market.

The unit has no moving parts nor does it require any maintenance.

LANSAS® is re-introducing the Engine Driven Vacuum Pump to the mix of Vacuum Testing Equipment. Available with industrial class Honda or Briggs & Stratton engines. Both are equipped with an oil lubricated Gast Vacuum Pump designed to reduce maintenance requirements under harsh jobsite conditions.

manhole vacuum testing equipment 2 manhole vacuum testing equipment

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