Multisize Flow-Thru Plugs

Multisize Flow-Thru Plugs

THE MULTI-SIZE FLOW-THRUSTM are built with the same patented designs as our multi and single-size DomeheadTM plugs.

The Flow-ThruTM plug goes one step further by offering a large bypass within the pipe plug. The bypasses are ideal for doing a water test or sewer bypass. Lansas® Flow-Thru plugs are

available with standard bypasses up to 8″ NPT. 12″ threaded connections and larger flanged connections can be special ordered.

As with any Lansas® plug, the multi-size Flow-Thru’sTM can be manufactured with nitrile or neoprene rubber and stainless steel components for use in chemical and petroleum applications.

Test caps are available to convert your Flow-ThruTM pipe plugs over
to use in air testing applications. A PVC cap is supplied with each plug with up to a 6″ NPT by-pass.

multisize flow-thru plugs

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