8″ Rotary Wellpoint Skid Quiet Pack Pump

8″ Rotary Wellpoint Skid Quiet Pack Pump8RPBDWQP-SK

8” Skid Unit Engine Enclosed

PPSI Rotary Wellpoint Skid QP Pump

Volume: 1330 GPM Max
CFM: 174 CFM
Ware Plates: Stainless Ware Plates
Solids: Up To 2.0” Compressible
Seals: Duronite Seal Assembly
Working PSI: Up To 25 PSI
Shut Downs: Hi – Low Vacuum
Model: Yanmar 4TNV88-BDSA Diesel
Type: Water Cooled 4 Cylinder
Start: 12 Volt Electric
Fuel: Diesel fuel
Murphy Panel: Engine Safety Shut Down For Low Oil PSI & Hi Water Temp
Horsepower 30.1 @ 3000rpm
Skid: 85” L X 44” W X 64” T With Engine Enclosure
Fuel Tank: 55 Gallons
DBA: 72 dba @ 23’
Weight 4280 lbs
·       Full Enclosure ·       Open Skid Mounted ·       Choice Of Your Color
* Lifting Bail   * Locking Fuel Cap * 6” X 6” *



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